Why I started selling Rodan + Fields

My Mom started selling Rodan + Fields in 2010 before I’d ever heard of it. Proactive worked well for me as a teenager and this was the grown up version, it worked like a charm too! My Mom got busy and stopped selling and I kind of forgot about the product for awhile. 

Two of my best friends began selling in the last year or two and it was back on my radar. I purchased Lash Boost for my wedding because I wanted long, full lashes but was worried about fake lashes since we’re going to a beach location for our honeymoon (supposedly you can’t swim with false lashes or they fall out in awkward chunks!) The results were quick and I get a lot of very kind compliments on my lashes now. Here’s a picture of them now, looking nice and full without any mascara! The lash boost even helps fill out eyebrows!

I also found some old products that I had left over from when my Mom sold. I have always had little red bumps on the top of my arms – combining the microdermabrasion paste with the #2 Soothe cream is helping them. I can’t wait to post a before and after picture!

I’m also now using the Active Hydration Serum because my forehead has been permanently dry for about 6 months no matter how much lotion I slather on. In addition to being dry, I also had a lot of little red bumps/pimples? on my forehead. In just 2 days I am already seeing the little pumps shrink up. Again, can’t wait to post a before and after! 

If you have question or are interested in products, please feel free to message me here and visit my site: Brookeholliday.myrandf.com.


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